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bridal tips



The writers here at KBMGlam have compiled a list of the best tips for all our blushing brides-to-be! We know the months surrounding your wedding are some of the most beautiful memories you will have. But beautiful as they may be, these months can also be some of the most stressful, as well. So many things to do, choices to make, cake samples to devour.. So we have put together the best tips on all things wedding bells to help you sort through the jungle of taffeta and linens so you can focus on the more important things, like where to sit your twin cousins who haven’t spoken to each other since the gumball incident.



You’ve heard it a thousand times - a picture is worth a thousand words! Something this important requires that you research your photographer ahead of time - check out their website and social media pages to see if their photography style matches your personality and goes well with the vision you have in mind for your big day. Meet with them in person prior to booking to discuss what you want. The photographer’s personality is a major factor to consider, as well. Remember, you’re going to have to feel comfortable enough around your photographer to be relaxed when you’re in front of the lens. Discuss your budget beforehand. Most photographers are willing to work with you so that you’re able to stay within your budget. You might want to consider also having your engagement photos (and any other photo-shoots associated with your wedding - a trash the dress session, for example) shot with the same photographer. Many offer discounts when you book more than one session.

Pinterest is your new bff! Having one convenient place to save ideas for hair styles, makeup, decorations, venues, color palettes, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, etc. You can categorize your ideas and show them to vendors to give them a visual of what you’re looking for. This definitely will help them deliver exactly what you want.


Beautiful brows enhance and add expression to the face. They frame your eyes and help them pop. They are an essential step to any makeup application. Grow out your brows (some suggest four weeks, others two months - It really depends on you and how fast your brows grow) and have them shaped by a professional a week before your wedding. I personally prefer threading. It's more precise than waxing.


If you already have a holy grail nail salon that you love, then this is a pretty simple step. But if you don’t, we suggest you shop around - getting your mani/pedi done a few times before your big day to find someone you truly love. Also, have in mind ahead of time exactly what kind of nails and color you want for your wedding. Do you want french tips? Maybe a pastel color? Or fiery red?? Acrylics? Gel? Au natural?? Flat tip? Rounded tip? Square.. oval.. squoval?? Once you’ve chosen, schedule your appointment and try to get your nails done one day before the wedding.



Your skin is so important! Establish your skin care routine months before your wedding. Have a facial or a microdermabrasion done at least three days before the wedding so your skin can feel smooth and velvety on your wedding day. This gives your makeup artist a clean slate to work with, so your makeup will apply flawlessly. Also, make sure you get enough sleep prior to your wedding day.



We all know that our lipstick wears throughout the day - eating, drinking, talking, laughing, humidity - all this can wreak havoc on our lip color. You can purchase the lip color you want to wear for the wedding and have your makeup artist use that so you can have something with you to touch up with on your wedding. If you don’t want to purchase a color, you can always ask your makeup artist if he or she would be willing to put a little extra of what they used in a tiny container for touch-ups. And this leads us to…


Ask your maid of honor pack you an emergency beauty bag with deodorant, scissors, toothpaste, toothbrush, mints, hair spray, mini sewing kit, safety pins,  hair pins, stain remover, tissues, concealer, a small comb, a pain reliever, antacids, bandaids, flip flops, and yes, extra lipstick.Being prepared can help fix a last minute disaster.


Contact us to setup a trial run for your hair and makeup. This will ensure you will love your look on your wedding day and that’s one less thing to stress about. We will make sure to go over the colors, the makeup and hair style you want. Basically every detail so we can know exactly what you're looking to get and we will make sure to deliver that on your big day, we will also give you our professional advice.



Be very clear and specific with your bridesmaids and let them know exactly what you need from them on your big day. Let them know ahead of time where and when you want them to be to get all dolled up. It is very important for the makeup and hair professionals that everyone they will be working on be on time for their appointments. This will avoid a stressful time for them, and for you, as well (but we both know you are more important!)

Make sure you have gotten a good nights rest. Have a nice protein-filled breakfast. Try to stay relaxed and calm (wine is good for this - really good.) On this day, all eyes will be on the beautiful, blushing bride - so be joyful and SMILE! Remember, this day is all about the love you share with your significant other. Keep that in mind and you will be just fine.




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